• Warren has over 20 years’ experience in the tax investigations field.  Warren started his career at KPMG within their Tax Disputes department where he worked for 6 years advising high net worth individuals and large corporates whose affairs were under investigation.  Warren then joined Chiltern Plc where he spent 5 years within their Tax Investigations department before setting up WLH Tax in 2008.  Warren’s aim when establishing WLH Tax was to provide taxpayers who were seeking expert tax investigation advice with a viable, credible and cost effective alternative to the large accountancy firms.

    Warren specialises in advising clients who are under serious tax fraud investigation (Contractual Disclosure Facility under Code of Practice 9).  Such enquiries are dealt with by HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service and Warren has extensive experience of dealing with Tax Inspectors and within this team.  Warren also specialises in enquires where there are offshore interests, such as trusts, bank or investment accounts and advising clients who are either non-UK domiciled or non-UK resident.

    In recent years Warren has acted for a number of FCA regulated individuals, property developers & buy-to-let investors, IT professionals, E-commerce traders, senior corporate executives, a variety of owner managed businesses as well as individuals in the arts, entertainment and professional sports fields who have found themselves subject to an HMRC investigation.

    Warren has also assisted a number of clients who have been under criminal investigation by HMRC and has an enviable record whereby none of his clients have ever been prosecuted.

    Warren has guided clients through HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process when faced with an intransigent Tax Inspector.

    Warren has also assisted a large number of clients in making voluntary disclosures to HMRC, utilising the Worldwide Disclosure Facility where there are offshore interests.

    Warren is regularly quoted in the press and has been interviewed on radio & TV in relation to Tax Investigations matters and is regarded as a leading authority on Tax Investigation issues.  Warren was also named in the Tax Journal as being within the top 40 leading tax professional in the UK.

    Warren & Manoj have ensured that the ethos of WLH Tax is that all clients, regardless of size or wealth, receive the highest levels of professional representation, courtesy and value for money.

    Contact Warren on:

    Tel: +442074919690

    Mob: +447956581351

    Email: warren.hyams@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Manoj has more than 30 years’ experience in HMRC investigation work. This ranges from local compliance cases to Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) enquiries conducted under Codes of Practice 8 and 9.  Manoj worked at HMRC for 13 years, with ten years as an Inspector of Taxes, undertaking the entire range of enquiry work, including time spent as a PAYE inspector.  He then spent 6 years with Chiltern Plc as a Senior Manager, working in their specialist tax investigation team and a further 18 months with Tenon.

    Manoj has considerable experience of the catering industry, including representing restaurant owners, catering professionals and wholesalers.  Manoj has also acted for a number of medical professionals, including General Practitioners, Consultants and Dentists.  Manoj has also assisted numerous clients within the IT, Property, Construction and Professional Service sectors including accountants, solicitors and barristers.  Many of these clients had substantial liabilities, which he was able to mitigate significantly in terms of reduced liabilities and penalties by putting forward innovative arguments to HMRC.

    Manoj has also assisted a number of clients who have been accused of VAT Fraud and faced investigations under HMRC’s Public Notice 160 (PN 160).

    Manoj has worked closely with Solicitors and Legal practices where expert opinion was required on the conduct of professional advisers with regard to HMRC enquiry matters and also has significant experience of working in tandem with solicitors where the client is the subject of an HMRC criminal investigation.

    Manoj has successfully guided clients through HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.  Manoj is also an experienced advocate and he has defended a number of clients successfully at the Tax Tribunal where it has not been possible to reach an agreement with the Tax Inspector.

    Manoj regularly speaks at conferences and tax/accountancy seminars on a whole variety of tax investigation matters and is regarded as a leading authority on HMRC investigations.

    Contact Manoj on:

    Tel: +442074919696

    Mob: +447940872113

    Email: manoj.anand@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Trevor has over 35 years’ experience within the Tax Investigations field, having spent 26 years at HMRC, the last 5 of which were at what is now Fraud Investigation Service where he conducted investigations into cases of tax avoidance and serious tax fraud under Codes of Practice 8 and 9.

    After leaving HMRC, Trevor spent 2 years with Mazars LLP as their inaugural National Director of Tax Investigations, before joining a large restaurant group which was in the midst of a very large Code of Practice 9 enquiry.

    Trevor joined WLH Tax in 2014 and he has experience of working with high net worth individuals, family owned companies, doctors, dentists and other medical professionals and high profile/celebrity clients across a number of different business sectors.

    Trevor is acutely conscious of the effect that a tax investigation can have on a client and he has assisted a large number of clients to conclude HMRC investigations since he joined WLH Tax.

    Contact Trevor on:

    Tel: +442074999090

    Mob: +447922457395

    Email: trevor.james@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Alan joined HMRC in 1988 and became a fully trained Tax Inspector carrying out investigations into individuals and a variety of businesses as well as undertaking reviews of technically complex areas of UK tax law as part of this role.

    After leaving HMRC, Alan spent several years as part of the specialist tax investigations teams at both PwC and Deloitte.  During his time with these firms Alan dealt with a full range of investigation work, both for clients of the firm and external cases.  As a result, Alan has experience in cases ranging from advising smaller firms of accountants dealing with tax investigations carried out by HMRC to serious tax fraud investigations carried out by HMRC under Code of Practice 9 and tax avoidance cases dealt with under Code of Practice 8.

    Alan joined WLH Tax in 2011 and has dealt with a number of cases in the retail, hospitality, fashion, arts, entertainment & media sectors.  Alan has also represented a number of clients who have made managed voluntary disclosures to HMRC.

    Alan has also dealt with a number of Personal Service Company (IR35) and Managed Service Company enquiries.

    Alan is WLH Tax’s tax avoidance specialist and has advised many clients seeking an independent opinion on tax avoidance schemes.  Alan also advises clients who find themselves subject to an Investigation into avoidance schemes they have implemented.

    Alan is a skilled advocate and has represented many clients successfully at the Tax Tribunal where it has not been possible to reach a negotiated settlement with HMRC.

    Contact Alan on:

    Tel: +442074919703

    Mob: +447969545706

    Email: alan.arenstein@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Hannah is a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor with over 15 years’ experience providing UK tax advice.

    Hannah began her career in BDO’s Tax Investigations Department where she spent 5 years advising an array of clients subject to Code of Practise 9 and local compliance office enquiries.  She also helped manage the process for individuals wishing to make voluntary disclosures to HMRC.

    In 2010 Hannah joined PwC’s London Tax team as a Senior Manager where she specialised in advising high net worth individuals, UK entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses, and internationally mobile individuals on their UK tax affairs.

    Hannah has built up a wealth of experience in advising clients on a range of issues including trust structures, inheritance tax matters, residence and domicile issues and UK tax compliance.  In recent years Hannah has acted for several high-profile UK and international families, ensuring that their tax affairs are efficient from a UK tax perspective and proactively managing their relationship with HMRC.

    Since joining WLH Tax in 2019, Hannah has acted for a variety of owner managed businesses in the restaurant / hospitality, retail, property and dental sectors.  Hannah has also acted for a number of individuals whose personal tax affairs have been subject to an HMRC investigation.

    Hannah was also named in the Tax Journal as being within the top 35 leading tax professionals in the UK.

    Contact Hannah on:

    Tel: +442074919610

    Mob: +447825542760

    Email: hannah.keens@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Anand has over 15 years’ experience in Tax Investigations.  Having initially trained as a HMRC caseworker, Anand has spent the last 12 years assisting clients who are subject to an HMRC investigation.

    Anand specialises in Code of Practice 8 and 9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility) cases, as well as local compliance tax enquiries and enquiries conducted by specialist HMRC offices.  Anand has considerable experience in preparing voluntary tax disclosures, including those within the Worldwide Disclosure Facility and Let Property Campaign.

    Anand’s portfolio of clients includes property developers & landlords, medical professionals, Amazon & eBay traders, construction businesses, share investors and individuals with overseas financial interests & assets.  Anand has expertise in domicile reviews and Remittance Basis rules.

    When required, Anand has achieved successful outcomes by using HMRC’s Review process, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Tax Tribunal.

    Contact Anand on:

    Tel: +442074919611

    Mob: +447946538940

    Email: anand.unalkat@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Jess has over 16 years’ experience in the tax investigations field.

    Jess spent the first 6 years of her career within the specialist Tax Investigations departments at BDO, McGrigors and Tenon, where she worked with Manoj for a number of years.  At these firms she advised a wide array of clients whose affairs were under enquiry by HMRC, including large multinational companies and owner-managed businesses in a wide range of sectors.

    Jess has been working with WLH Tax for over 10 years and advises clients who are under local compliance office enquiry as well as clients subject to a serious tax fraud investigations (Code of Practice 9).  Jess also specialises in making voluntary disclosures on behalf of clients to HMRC using schemes such as the Worldwide Disclosure Facility and the Let Property Campaign.

    Contact Jessica on:

    Tel: +442074919696

    Mob: +447958068384

    Email: jessica.maude@wlhtax.co.uk

  • Astrid is an ACCA qualified Accountant with over 5 years’ experience providing UK tax and accountancy advice.

    Astrid has a BSc in Management Studies, BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting, MSc. Professional Accountancy and a Global MBA from The London School of Business and Finance.

    Astrid started her career at an accountancy firm where she was responsible for preparing accounts and tax returns for a portfolio of over 200 clients.  This included individuals with investment income, sole traders, partnerships and owner managed companies.  Astrid has extensive experience using Bookkeeping and Accountancy Software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage 50, Capium and Receipt Bank.

    Since joining WLH Tax in 2019, Astrid has acted for a variety of businesses in the arts, retail, restaurant, hospitality, IT, telecommunications and property sectors.  Astrid has also made a number of voluntary disclosures to HMRC on behalf of clients.

    Contact Astrid on:

    Tel: +442074919610

    Mob: +447796605042

    Email: astrid.lewis@wlhtax.co.uk

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