Civil disputes can arise between two parties in relation to tax matters.  In many instances the usual tax adviser will be in a difficult position because their own advice or actions can be central to the case.  In these circumstances it can be very hard for them to give an unbiased view.

In such cases it is important to seek expert independent advice about the merits of the case from a tax perspective, and to understand the tax consequences which will arise from alternative outcomes of the dispute.

How can WLH Tax Help

We can examine the circumstances of your case and advise you on the likelihood of success in any litigation.  We can also assist your legal advisers with the presentation of your case and act as expert witnesses at any trial.

WLH Tax can consider the tax consequences of any litigation, and if appropriate, deal with HMRC to resolve any issues that affect your tax liabilities.

If you are considering tax litigation, or if someone has commenced tax litigation proceedings against you, then please contact us for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion.  We are happy to have an initial free of charge meeting with prospective clients.

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