HMRC is resuming investigations into business and personal taxes after a break due to the impact of Covid-19.

Tax inspectors could now be looking at things such as whether employees worked while furloughed or the validity of the claims made by self-employed taxpayers under the Self Employed Income Support (SEIS) scheme, as well as its usual investigations.  The pause in enquiry work is over and HMRC are starting to contact both taxpayers and their agents again.  WLH Tax has established that the temporary hiatus that was imposed by HMRC at the end of March has been lifted and enquiries that were placed on hold will be resumed.  WLH Tax has also been advised that enquiries conducted by HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) under CoP8 and CoP9 should continue as the tax inspectors staffed within these units have been told that the investigation of fraud should be given priority. The assistance the Government has provided to businesses and individual taxpayers has been very costly and HMRC will be under pressure to contribute with additional yield from compliance work.

It is not clear when HMRC will commence in issuing new CoP8 and CoP9 enquiries, however in view of the current situation, it would be no surprise if this was not sooner rather than later.

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